Hello there, and Welcome Aboard ! I am Harshad Karandikar, a mechanical engineer by qualification, an adventure tour organiser by profession and a Wildlife Photographer by passion. More about me at the bottom of the page

This is a collection of my best photographs - both with film and digital cameras.

While I primarily shoot wildlife and landscapes, I am trying to add dimensions to my work. So far I havent really got anything remarkable, but hope to, soon !

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Additions - New Pics !

Its been quite a while since I've updated my portfolio, and have got quite a few interesting images which make the cut. So here goes.....

I havent classified these under the existing themes for the moment, will do that after some time.

Do let the usual comments flowing in !

Stranded in the Rain
- A freshly emerged Lime Butterfly is covered with rain-drops while it waits for its wings to become firm.

- One of the most spectacular examples of Camouflage. This stunning butterfly, found in moist evergreen forests, looks just like a dried up leaf, complete with the central vein, and round 'fungal' spots ! Almost impossible to spot when it is sitting with its wings closed, it suddenly bursts into a flash of blue and flies off. A huge butterfly, about 5 inches between wing tips. Its host plant is 'Karvee', a plant commonly found in good patches of forest in the Sahyadris, but the butterfly is rare.

Fields of Yellow
- A Danaid Eggfly butterfly becomes the jewel in a crown of yellow flowers

Green Lines - A palm leaf makes an interesting pattern against the sunlight.

Snap ! - A vine snake strikes an aggressive pose, scared by a probably never-seen-before threat, a biped armed with a black box, making whirring and clicking noises.

Crested Serpent Eagle - The lush forests of Nagzira and Tadoba are a delight to a birdwatcher and photographer.

Swinging away to Glory

Plop ! - Ripples disturb the perfect reflection of a leafless tree in the heart of the dry deciduous forests of Melghat Tiger Reserve.

Golden Angle - A Golden angle butterfly basks in the sun, in the lush forests near the Dugarwadi waterfalls near Nashik in Maharashtra.

Hovercraft - A Pied Kingfisher ( Ceryle rudis ) performs his trademark hovering act before plummetting down to catch an unsuspecting fish, in the Nagzira Lake.

Glider - A Honey Buzzard ( Pernis ptilorhyncus ) glides over the Tadoba jungle...

Jungle Bush Quail - A Jungle Bush Quail ( Perdicula asiatica ) scampers to safety in the Tadoba Jungles.

Who Goes there ? - A canon shaped like a human face looks over boats ferrying passengers from the Janjira fort, off the Western Coast Of Maharashtra

Tight Rope Walk ! The Giant Indian Squirrel ( Ratifa Indica Bhimashankarensis ) is a very beautiful animal endemic to the forests of Bhimashankar. Threatened by habitat loss and human disturbance, this extremely shy arboreal animal continues its precarious existence. With all the individuals in one forested area, a single epidemic is all that will take to wipe out this creature from the face of the earth.

Pink !

Slurrp ! A Butterfly sips nectar from a Lantana flower. Although the flowers are pretty to look at, this species of plants is rapidly taking over large tracts of pristine forest, obilerating native species, already threatened due to over-grazing.

You Talking to me ? - A brilliantly coloured lizard from the forests of Tadoba

Where are the fish ? A Small Blue Kingfisher ( alcedo atthis ) perches on a row, in the marshlands of Navegaon National Park.

Tiger ! - A tiger cools off in an artificial water tank in Tadoba

If looks could kill..

Show Off !

Indian Roller - The Indian Roller or the Blue Jay is a common bird with beautiful colours found in Central India.

Aint I Cute ? A huge spider in the heart of the Melghat Tiger Reserve proves that he's quite cute, if you look at him properly.

More coming up very soon !

Landscapes - Trees

Landscapes are subjects which almost everybody shoots, whatever camera one has. While normal landscapes are fine, I prefer to get something interesting in the foreground, like a tree. This can really make a shot, as in the case of the first picture shown here. I have been accused of having a bias towards tree-in-the-foreground-shots, which I plead guilty to. Over half of my shots from any trip will have this type of shots !

Calling the Clouds

Calling the Clouds - This picture was taken on a crisp morning on Fort Ratangad in the Malshej region of the Sahyadris in peninsular India. This is my favourite picture, as it captures the stunning beauty of the Sahyadris.

Sunset 1

Sunset 1 - The sun goes down, silhoutting a tree, on the ancient Sudhagad Fort, in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Sunset 2

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

Sunset 4

Sunset 5

Sunset 5

Sunset 6

Sunset 6


Smudged - The wind plays with the upper branches of a Peepal ( Ficus Religiosa ) tree, long after the sun has gone down.


Life - Life hangs on, even when everything around it is rapidly dying, covered, smothered, chilled by the snow.

This shot was taken at around 12000 ft in the Himalayas.


Velvet - The fruit of an unidentified tree in the Sahyadris looks like it is covered with velvet.

Normal is Boring

Normal is Boring ! - Green dominates in this mid-monsoon shot of a majestic tree deep in the Sahyadri forests.


Framed ! - The branches of a tree in a dry river bed in the Malshej region of the Sahyadris 'frame' a distant mountain.

Yet Another Tree

Yet Another Tree ! - A leafless tree stands out from the surrounding blanket of green, in the middle of the monsoon, with Fort Ratangad as the backdrop.

Landscapes - Mountains

Mountains always attract me, whether they are the snow-capped himalayan peaks or the grass covered sahyadri ones peaking out from the clouds. The mountains have a mystic charm about them and are a serious addiction.

Mirror - Reflection of the peak CB - 14 in the early morning calm waters of Chandratal lake.

Golden Sunset 1

Golden Sunset 2

Golden Sunset 3

Golden Sunset 4

Golden Sunset 5

Golden Sunset 6

Golden Sunset 7

Golden Sunset 8

Pristine White - The pure white snows os a high rising peak stand out against the blue sky

Picture Postcard

Desert at 15000 feet



Lush Meadows

Chandratal Lake

In the Clouds

Bridge at Batal


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